It’s A Kids World

Home Day Care

My Eduction

I am CPR and first aid certified. I have taken the SIDS and an  Emergency Preparedness class. 

I have completed a 90 hour child care class  at Prince George’s Community College.  In addition to that I have taken the following classes in the last 5 years.

20 hours Infants in Child Care

20 hours Toddlers in Child Care

15 hours Curriculum Planning for Toddlers

10 hours Children’s Challenging Behaviors

 9 hours Understanding Families

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 ​6 hours Medication Administration Training

 6 hours Friendly Environments, Safe Environments

 5 hours Abuse & Neglect

 5 hours Conferencing with Parents

 5 hours Great Days With Kids

 5 hours Safe Baby, Safe Child

 5 hours Sanitation for Disease Prevention

 4 hours Creating Schedules & Routines

 3 hours Including All Children & Americans with Disabilities Act

 3 hours Mixed Age Groups

 2 hours Biting Hurts

 2 hours Infant Safety

 2 hours Nutrition for Young Children

 2 hours Sun Safety

 2 hours Toilet Learning

I have taken many more classes in previous years. 

My Philosophy

My goal in my day care is to create a loving “home” environment as opposed to a structured “classroom.” The children should feel comfortable, as if they were at home and at the same time learn and have fun with other children. All the children must respect each other and their surroundings. I hope that each day the children will leave my house having accomplished at least one thing. It may be sharing a toy or learning a new song or just having a fun day!

It is very important to me to have an open line of communication with the parents. I want the parents to be able to tell me if they have a concern about anything and at the same time, have it so I can tell the parents my concerns. It is all for the child.

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